METALIFECOMPASS OPENS ITS DOORS SOON!!! is the first psycho-magical collective intelligence platform in the world.

It's a bridge between science and magic, an experience that allows us to inscribe an accelerated evolution of individual and collective consciousness.

The power of the collaborative circle, through its active symbolic structure, helps you find your way. to see clearly in the affairs of your inner world, and to act on the outer world in such a way as to express your most elegant aspirations.

It supports you to overcome the obstacles on your way. It helps you reveal a level of "vibrations" that brings you inner freedom where life becomes a game without challenges, creative, joyful and light despite storms and thunderstorms.

It's a compass that helps you find meaning and solutions in this world that is increasingly disconnected from life, and from our humanity. It is a great help in the times we live in.

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